1500ml UZSPACE Tritan Leakproof Tritan BPA Free Custom Logo Water Bottle Plastic Drinking Sports Water Bottle

Item no.: 6062

Color: Red, Black, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Green

Capacity: 1500ml

Material: Tritan from USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)

Temperature: -10~90℃


N.W.: 281g

Package: 24pcs/ctn

Product Detail

Founded in 2007, Uzspace pursuing excellences comes from the details, high level of corporate responsibility, never stop innovation and demanding of perfect quality, created countless charming designs and made the industrial classic legend. Uzspace is one of the top outdoor drink-ware brands, for many years it has been leading the environmental consciousness, innovative outdoor products and manufacturing technologies. As premier outdoor drinkware brand uzspace seems to only service for those enthusiasts and mountaineer for its exquisite details.

Uzspace sports water bottles are perfect for people who want to go the extra mile or take that next step on their fitness journey. With fast-flow drink spout and slim, travel-friendly design, you can enjoy proper hydration wherever the road or off road takes you.

Important Information:

1. Washing by hand with warm water or dish soap.
2. Non-microwave.
3. Be careful to open the lid when filling carbonated drinks.
4. Please fill the bottle 1cm below beneath the rim to avoid spillage.
5. Make sure the silicone seal is properly attached after use, otherwise it may leak.
6. To avoid odors or stains, please clean them thoroughly after use.
7. Do not hit the product with strong impact or use nails or hard objects to avoid scratching.

Package includes:

One drinking bottle
One exquisite packaging color box

Drink More & Stay Healthy: About 60% of our body is made up of water. But water goes away through sweat and urine. Therefore, we need to ensure that we drink enough water every day. With this sports water bottle, you can take water with you

Hydrate Yourself Timely: With this motivational water bottle with measurements, you'll be reminded to drink water on time. Thus you can stay hydrated throughout the day

1000ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA F4
UZSPACE Tritan Leakproof 1502
1000ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA F1
1000ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA F3

Flavor Your Drink: Tired of drinking plain water? Don't worry, with this fruit infuser water bottle, you can add different fruits to infuse your drinks, so you can enjoy a variety of different flavors of drinks.

BPA-Free & Leakproof: This reusable water bottle is made of tritan plastic and is 100% BPA-free & leakproof. There is no weird taste nor chemicals leaching into your water. There is a lock on the flip top lid to prevent accidental opening.

Save You Time & Money: the bonus With the extra sealing stoppers, you can enjoy your leakproof water bottle with many years to come
100% BPA Free Tritan Plastic and Food-grade safe PP, better for your health and more durable.

Removable filter included for wider and more convenient usage.
Suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10 ° C to 95 ° C, you can use this bottle all year round.

1000ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA F2
UZSPACE Tritan Leakproof 1504

?BPA FREE TRITAN PLASTIC - Our bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free US imported Tritan Co-polyester plastic that is SAFE to your body and environmentally friendly. No more worrying about harmful chemicals such as BPA affecting your health, which are present in many water bottles. If you are looking for a bottle that is durable and safe, it's the right choice!

Unlike dull, off the shelf water bottles, we designed the UZSPACE bottle to look and function better than any other water bottle! It is ergonomically shaped to make one-handed use a breeze, with a tough carry-strap and a special reflective frosted casing that reacts uniquely to your environment. It is both stylish and convenient to use, and each bottle comes in a FREE Gift Box for a great present!

This is where our premium design shines! UZSPACE 50 ounce, 1000 ml bottles are tough, durable and resistant to impact. The special spill-proof top swings open with a one-handed push of a button! An air hole placed on the lid ensures fast flow of water with effortless drinking. And when you're done with our workout, lock the bottle to make it 100% leak-proof and dirt-proof.

DURABLE - Our mission is to provide our customers best quality products. Our bottle is reliable and it can be used for long time without causing issue. We are so confident you will love our bottle.

The devil is always in the details.
UZSPACE is take care of every details to help you get a perfect water bottle.


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