UZSPACE New Tritan Women Reuseable BPA Free drinking Plastic Water Bottle With Pill Box And Storage Box

Item no.: 2071、2072

Color: Pink, Orange

Capacity: 520mL

Material: Tritan from USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)

Temperature: -10~90℃


N.W.: 128g

Package: 24pcs/ctn

Product Detail

A Sports Bottle Made Specifically for On-the-Go, Active Lifestyles.

Uzspace sports water bottles are perfect for people who want to go the extra mile or take that next step on their fitness journey.

With fast-flow drink spout and slim, travel-friendly design, you can enjoy proper hydration wherever the road or off road takes you.

Premium Sleek Water Bottle, an efficient travel design.

BPA Free Water Bottle, Phthalate Free & Non-Toxic.

uzspace plastic water bottle 1
UZSPACE plastic water bottle 2
UZSPACE plastic water bottle 3
uzspace plastic water bottle 4

No more worrying about harmful chemicals such as BPA affecting your health, which are present in many water bottles. If you are looking for a bottle that is durable and safe, it’s the right choice!
Open With One Click-A one-handed, flip-top lid gives you quick, easy access to your fresh water without having to stop what you’re doing.
Just click the button with a finger, tip up the fast-flowing drink spout, and snap it close when you’re done. It’s that easy. Drinking has never been easier!
Leak-proof-The lids are leak and dust-proof to ensure better viability when taking them to work or the gym in your car or gym bag, respectively.

This means a cleaner sip free of dirt and grime even if your adventure means getting a little dirty.
Embrace True Health and Wellness-Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, be it at home, work or the gym. We want to help you tackle every mile, lift, or mountain with reliable support.
Extra Fruit Sieve Design-Infuse delicious fruit and herbs thanks to the extra sieve.
Extra Safety Lock.-Prevents unintentional accidental opening
Attached Carrying Rope
Easy to hang or carry around
1 litre Capacity

UZSPACE plastic water bottle 7
UZSPACE plastic water bottle 8
UZSPACE Water Bottle_01
UZSPACE Water Bottle_02
UZSPACE Water Bottle_03
UZSPACE Water Bottle_04
UZSPACE Water Bottle_05
UZSPACE Water Bottle_06
UZSPACE Water Bottle_07
UZSPACE Water Bottle_08
UZSPACE Water Bottle_09
UZSPACE Water Bottle_10
UZSPACE Water Bottle_11
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