750ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free LFGB Drinking Water Bottle Plastic

Item no.: 6019

Color: Red, Black, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Green

Capacity: 750mL

Material: Tritan from USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)

Temperature: -10~90℃


N.W.: 198g

Package: 24pcs/ctn


Product Detail

Portable & High Quality Light weight with a portable strap makes it easy for on-the-go hydration, keep you hydrated all day in gym, practice, pre, post workout, body building, exercise, hiking, yoga, running, cycling as well as at home and in the office. This Water Jug is ideal for sports enthusiasts to fit any indoor & outdoor activities.

360°Leakproof Water Bottle The flip top lid is designed with secure lock make water bottle dust and leakproof which allows one-hand operation for drinking effortless. Built with a silicone gasket and durable screw lid, the leak-proof lid tightly seals the hydro jug water bottle. With wide enough mouth, gallon jug is easy to fill with ice cubes, fruit and clean. Note: Please avoid dropping, do not dishwash.

350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free 1
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free 5

Quench your thirst super fast??Here is an innovative design of the vents on bottle-lid. It helps the water flow fast and hyrate your body more quickly.

350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free 3
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free 4

BPA Free & 100% Non Toxtic Made of quality food grade eco-friendly reusable tritan co-polyester plastic, this water bottle is 100% BPA & TOXIN FREE, odour free and healthy for your daily water drinking. Comes with a variety of vibrant colors, it is an ideal for your beloved ones, to help them keep hydrated and healthy.

Use Tips - Do not drop it; The coating on the surface is not supported to be used in dishwasher.?

The devil is always in the details.
UZSPACE is take care of every details to help you get a perfect water bottle.


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