5044 UZSAPCE 520ml Tritan BPA Free Plastic Drinking Water Bottle Fruit Infuser

Name: U Style Cool Sports Water Bottle

Item no.: 5044

Color: Red, Black, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Green

Capacity: 520ml

Material: Tritan from USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)

Temperature: -10~90℃

Product Detail

UZSPACE Water Cup Plastic Water Bottle for outdoor Travel, Gym Sports Water Bottle

BPA and toxin-free: premium materials and strict quality control make this water bottle safe, smooth to the touch, durable, leak-proof and extremely scratch-resistant. Perfect for hiking, cycling, camping, running, yoga or any other sport at home, gym and office. Non-toxic, BPA free and environmentally friendly.

One Handed Drinking Once click flip with secure locking lid, and easy to use single click push button lid. It features an innovative thumbs release and locking system that helps one hand push opening/locking and keeps the cap opening while drinking.?

Its notable feature is good toughness, excellent hydrolytic stability, chemical resistance and heat resistance.
New generation copolyester can be injection molded into various shapes and residual stress
Diamond Prismatic Creative Skin Pattern
Anti- scald and anti-sliding

520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre3
520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre2
520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre6
520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre1

Bottle body is very thick, durable and high transparency.

Free Items Fruit Lemon Tea Filter

Vent hole helps the bottle pressure

High quality hidden spring prevent from sloshing.

Open with one hand, elastic cover 160°not touch the nose and no leak, not shaking, convenient and practical

Removable and thickening webbing can withstand great tension, convenient and durable

360° Leakproof- Comes with a safety lock feature to prevent the cap from opening unexpectedly.
BPA Free-Made of Tritan food-grade material, it’s eco-friendly, and ready to use.
Marked measurement levels
Convenient strap grip, wide mouth- easy to clean and fill with water, smooth drinking mouth for direct drinking
The easy grip silicone sleeve gives your firm grasp on the bottle and insulation, protection to your hands.
Thumb tab- To easily flip open and close
There are many colors, you can choose your favorite sports gym water bottle according to your preference.
Healthy sports, beautiful life

520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre5
520ml UZSAPCE Tritan BPA Fre4

The devil is always in the details.
UZSPACE is take care of every details to help you get a perfect water bottle.


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