350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Free Sport Water Bottles With Custom Logo Plastic


Name: Twisted Tritan Sport Water Bottle

Item no.: 6008

Color: Red, Black, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Green

Capacity: 350mL

Material: Tritan from USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)

Temperature: -10~90℃


N.W.: 120g

Package: 24pcs/ctn


Product Detail

Item no.






From USA Eastman (100% BPA Free)










Green, Cyan, Blue

Purple, Red, Black

SAFE TO USE: Finger grips and a sports spout makes it fun to use while drinking in the car,exercising, at the office, outdoors, back to school, running, or the gym.
You can also hang the strap on your belt or backpack. Built with durable Eastman Tritan,a clear BPA Free co-polyester, tested to be FDA safe for use with foods and beverages.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Unlike dull, off the shelf water bottles, we designed the water bottle to look and function better than any other water bottle!
It is ergonomically shaped to make one-handed use a breeze, with a tough carry-strap and a special reflective frosted casing that reacts uniquely to your environment. It is both stylish and convenient to use.

350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre1
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre6
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre4
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre5

ONE CLICK OPEN: This is where our premium design shines! 18 ounce,500 ml bottles are tough, durable and resistant to impact.The special spill-proof top swings open with a one-handed push of a button!An air hole placed on the lid ensures fast flow of water with effortless drinking.And when you're done with our workout, lock the bottle to make it 100% leak-proof and dirt-proof.

5 STAR GUARANTEE: We are so sure you will love our water bottle,
we have a no-hassle 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You also get a Limited Lifetime Warranty, that includes accidental damage. No Questions Asked!

360° Leakproof Design:This water bottle employs a 3-stage leakproof design: a silicone sealing ring prevents leakage in the screw area; two silicone dot pads seal the nozzle and air vent when the lid is closed; a safety lock prevents accident opening the lid.

Humanization in Every Detail:By just one press, the lid opens immediately and its anti-rebound design ensures your using safety. Built-in with a removable filter, you can always enjoy drinking and avoid chock by ice cubes, fruits, or tea leaves. The air vent balances the barometric pressure, making water flow into your mouth fluently.

350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre2
350ml UZSPACE Tritan BPA Fre3

The devil is always in the details.
UZSPACE is take care of every details to help you get a perfect water bottle.


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